Fancy Solitaire Engagement Rings

Fancy Solitaire Engagement Rings
For those who want more, a selection of solitaire engagement rings that go beyond the ordinary.
Fancy Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our Exclusive Fancy Solitaire Engagement Rings Designs

Will you marry me? An engagement ring is the single most important symbol of your commitment to marriage. Whereas we leave the details of the romantic proposal to you, our jewellery designers, romantic creators of the heart, have created the finest solitaire engagement rings that are designed to take her breath away.

When you acquire a diamond solitaire engagement ring, the single most important aspect of the piece is the high quality, color and cut of the diamond itself. At Love is Forever, we have a 75 year old history of goodwill and trust in the diamond industry. We take utmost care of the precious stones from its source until it reaches your beloved's hands, where it will grow in love and value forever.

The beauty of a fancy solitaire engagement ring sits entirely in that single stone. At Love is Forever, we ensure that we craft each piece to bring out its maximum brilliance. Once a diamond is acquired from the depths of the earth itself, it goes through five precise steps. Every fancy solitaire engagement ring goes through planning, cleaving, bruting, polishing and inspecting.

In the planning stage, upon seeing the raw material, our cutter will determine the best shape to give the stone, to maximize its value and lustre. Cleaving is the art of separating the rough from the actual diamond. The bruting refers to further shaping diamonds into softer shapes to sit comfortably in your solitaire engagement ring. At this point the diamond is ready for polishing to give it that glow which will dazzle the onlooker. Even after all these processes, all diamonds at Love is Forever undergo a thorough inspection of quality control. Our nearly century long relationships with our customers speak for the value of every solitaire engagement ring we have ever produced.

At Love is Forever, our fancy solitaire diamond rings are for those who want more. A selection of solitaire engagement rings that go beyond the ordinary.

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75 years of expertise and goodwill

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