Experience a New Paradigm of Jewellery Shopping

With a legacy of 75 years in the diamond trade and a culmination of 2 decades of exposure to the global B2B jewellery industry, LIFE is owned by DIATRENDS, a company that has made significant investments in developing a unique design language, honing master craftsmanship and establishing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology infrastructure.
These factors have made DIATRENDS a highly sought after partner internationally, with some of the world's leading jewellery brands in its client portfolio. DIATRENDS now brings this international experience to India by launching LIFE, with plans to take the brand to other markets in the coming years.
Several years of market research and testing led us to create a unique, consumer centric jewellery retail model that includes many firsts. The evolution of Indian consumers' tastes towards contemporary jewellery, their exposure to the fine quality and shopping experience of luxury brands, and the emergence of jewellery from being a commodity to becoming a fashion statement - for special occasions as well as everyday use - are all new trends that LIFE has incorporated into its offering.
The brand's lounge style retail environment that lays stress on a unique and pleasurable shopping experience rather than just sales, and branded customization that offers a live design interface for extensive personalization - backed by consistent, genuinely empathetic customer service - are all designed to bond consumers to LIFE in a lifelong cycle of engagement.
Add to this, world class design capabilities through its studios in Italy and India (Mumbai, Bengaluru), with high precision and quality available at every possible price point, and we have a novel combination that few, if any, in Indian jewellery retail can match. Truly, a refreshing change for the discerning jewellery shopper.

Our Leadership Team

  • Sunit Khotari

  • Kunal Mehta

  • Dhaval Mehta

  • Guido Persico

    Art Director
  • Armando Bianco

    Technical Director
75 years of expertise and goodwill