Custom Bridal Jewellery

Every bride deserves to stand out on her big day, to be unique and special, which off-the-shelf, readymade jewellery can never offer. Love Is For Ever offers a one-of-a-kind bespoke service where our clients commission personalised jewellery specially created for them. Here is a selection of jewellery pieces designed only for a specific bride, totally unique and never to be repeated again.

Our Exclusive Custom Bridal Designs

Love Is For Ever is the only jewellery brand in India that offers an end-to-end service for bespoke jewellery, with every process - from design to final finish - undertaken in-house. Just like a fashion designer creates a bridal dress, tailored for one person, we create custo bridal jewellery to suit the tastes and lifestyle of the bride. To know more about this intense process, watch the video or download the brochure on the right.

The bride to be is the single most important person on the day of her wedding. From head to toe, she is the centre of attention, a thousand eyes trying to catch a glimpse. A bride's entire outfit, from dress and hair to make-up and jewellery are observed with great care by all in her presence. In today's world where every aspect of our lives is designed specifically for us, custom bridal jewellery gives the woman of the hour a chance to indulge her deepest desires by creating jewellery sets that will stand the test of time.

Most brides-to-be and their families spend months choosing fashion designers and creating dresses for the wedding trousseau. But when it comes to wedding jewellery, the only choices available are ready-made, off-the shelf pieces, with perhaps a few modifications.

Just like a fashion designer creates a customised and fitted trousseau for this oncein-a-lifetime occasion, we craft custom bridal jewellery that not just matches your personality, accentuates your clothes and makes a fashion statement, but also remains trendy and wearable all your life.

When designing custom bridal jewellery there are absolutely no limits. Let your imagination loose, our designers will sit with you to come up with sensational jewellery pieces that will wow on your wedding day and remind you of the momentous occasion for the rest of your life.

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