Custom Bridal

Custom Bridal
Love Is For Ever is the only designer jewellery brand in India that offers an end-to-end service for bespoke jewellery, with every process - from design to final finish - undertaken in-house. Just like a fashion designer creates a bridal dress, tailored for one person, we create jewellery customised to suit the tastes and lifestyle of the bride. To know more about this intense process, watch the video or download the brochure on the right.

Especially For You

Most brides-to-be and their families spend months choosing fashion designers and creating dresses for the wedding trousseau. But when it comes to wedding jewellery, the only choices available are ready-made, off-the shelf pieces, with perhaps a few modifications.

Just like a fashion designer creates a customised and fitted trousseau for this oncein-a-lifetime occasion, we craft your own special jewellery that not just matches your personality, accentuates your clothes and makes a fashion statement, but also remains trendy and wearable all your life.

Enigmatic Elegant, Eternal

As a jewellery designer and manufacturer with presence across global markets, we often come across Indian brides who are no longer satisfied with just traditional apparel. They want change.

Brides also want their jewellery to be more wearable,not just during the wedding ceremonies but also in later life. After all, this is a substantial investment that should not be locked away in bank vaults after the wedding but should be worn and enjoyed for years and years to come.

Be who you are

As the investment you make in wedding jewellery is several times when compared to the apparel, we advise our clients to design the jewellery first, and then finalise the clothes. But if you have already decided what you are going to wear, we design the jewellery based on that.

The first thing we do is understand who you are. Because ultimately, the jewellery is for you to wear not just during the wedding but in later life too. What kind of jewellery do you like? What kind of clothes do you prefer? Your face-cut, features, physical attributes and hair are all factored in. We also fix a budget at this point.

Be who you are

Once we get the right inspiration for your wedding jewellery, our artists begin with sketches. You are then presented with the designs. This is where you get to choose your masterpiece from several options.

One Ornament, Many Facts

Wedding jewellery is naturally unique and rich to match the occasion. However, it might not be suitable for everyday wear.

Our designers often create modular designs that can be easily toned down for regular wear at parties and other social gatherings. This also allows you to wear a single piece of jewellery in different ways.

A Perfect Fit

After the sketches are approved, we create cutouts of the jewellery with paper or thin wax sheets. This is done to determine the correct proportions for the pieces, so they match the size and shape of the face, neck, wrists or other parts of the body where the jewellery is to be worn.

Often, 2 or 3 different sized cutouts are created to decide the optimum measurements. For example, if the overall height of a neckpiece is reduced by a couple of millimeters while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal, it will help reduce the costs.

Honed by Technology

Once we finalize the correct proportions of the piece, it is converted into computer aided 3D designs, where we transform line sketches into blueprints of real jewellery.

This is where all the modifications are made and you get to play an active role in the design aspect, working closely with our designers.

The 3D design stage is also important for cost estimations. Here, we can make all the necessary changes to ensure that your jewellery does not cost more than what you have budgeted for it. The choice of stones and gold colours is also finalised at this stage

Crafted For You

After you approve the final 3D renditions, we create wax / resin mock-ups of the jewellery. Now you can see the actual shape and size of your jewellery and feel it in your hands.

The wax assemblies are then tried on you, so you can wear them, just like you would the final piece. This is extremely important to finetune the ornament in terms of curves, volumes, movement of components, fit and proportions, for both wearing comfort as well as for the look and feel. All final design adjustments to the pieces are made at this stage. Once you approve the wax / resin piece, we go into production and the jewellery is cast.

Every Detail Matters

At Love Is For Ever, we not only design jewellery but also control every aspect of the manufacturing process. We have invested in the best-in-class equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that our jewellery is crafted to the highest standards possible. Our master craftsmen and quality control ensures that the finished piece meets and exceeds the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Creating A Masterpiece

At this stage, we do a 3rd fitting using the gold cast to ensure that it is not pinching, scraping or uncomfortable to wear in any way.
Every aspect of wearing comfort is addressed at this trial so the bride can keep it on for hours without feeling the urge to remove it. After the gold cast is adjusted and approved, diamonds and other stones are selected.

This is an important consideration since small variations can impact the costs considerably.Post the finalization of stones, they are set in the piece and the ornament gets the final polish and finish. Thereafter, we do a 4th fitting to ensure that everything looks and works perfectly.

Expressions of love

Weddings are a very special occasion, not just for brides but also for the family. All of us want the very best arrangements, from the biggest decisions to the smallest detail.

Custom Bridal

Every bride deserves to stand out on her big day, to be unique and special, which off-the-shelf, readymade jewellery can never offer. Love Is For Ever offers a one-of-a-kind bespoke service where our clients commission personalised jewellery specially created for them. Here is a selection of jewellery pieces designed only for a specific bride, totally unique and never to be repeated again.

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